EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) & SCAN PACKING

Conceptually, EDI is the process and communication method by which the major retailers transact with their suppliers. For any suppliers currently selling or wanting to sell products in to any of the major retailers, having EDI capability is mandatory. ACR is accredited with most of the major retailers. This includes the packaging, labelling and delivery requirements of each. Increasingly, more and more independent retailers are migrating towards EDI trading with their suppliers in the interests of improving supply chain efficiency and accuracy. As this transition takes place, suppliers adjusting to EDI trading have 1 of 2 options:

  • Invest in equipment and staff capable of supporting the EDI scheme.
  • Outsource this function to a suitable and capable contract warehousing provider with EDI capability and experience dealing with the larger retailers. Each retailer has its own unique EDI requirements.

Experience has shown option 1 to be a difficult, time consuming and costly. For option 2, ACR has full EDI, ASN and SSCC capability and equally as important, people who are experienced in the physical preparation and presentation of stock to meet the stringent delivery requirements stipulated by each retailer.