Host System Interface

For many businesses looking to outsource their warehousing activities to a third party, one of the fundamental objectives is to streamline business processes, and in doing so achieve cost reductions and service improvements.

One key step in this is interfacing the host system (client’s ERP or Accounting system) and the WMS. The objective is typically to achieve full electronic data transfer between the client (Host) and the WMS (ACR).

Conceptually, ACR will workshop with the client to:

  • Identify what information the host system currently generates and in what format.
  • Identify what level of data translation is required to accept the Host information into the WMS.
  • Identify what information needs to be provided back to the Host and in what format.

A Host system interface can be relatively easy to achieve. ACR would be happy to work with you in mapping out the process and how this is best achieved.