Supporting Small Business

ACR appreciates that for small, independent or start up businesses, it can prove difficult soliciting support from any of the main stream logistics providers, let alone being able to secure competitive rates or acceptable trading terms on which to grow the business. The above restrictions can and inevitably do have a critical bearing on your business’ long term viability and future success. Having an efficient, cost effective and supportive logistics provider who understands small business is therefore important in achieving best possible cost outcomes and superior service delivery.

ACR actively supports small business by offering:

  • Flexible credit terms
  • Flexible cost models
  • User friendly on-line tools
  • Flexible working hours and access to products
  • Competitive rates across all services
  • Un-biased advice if and when required
  • Simple but effective logistics solutions
  • The use of first class office space if required
  • A more cost effective solution to using Commercial Storage facilities
  • A partner who has a genuine interest in your business’s success