About Us

ACR, working with our partners, offers a complete spectrum of essential services and capabilities as a single supply chain management partner. ACR recognises the importance of operating a range of integrated services.

The Managing Director for ACR is Werner Struve. Werner holds 100% ownership of ACR. Werner has an extensive background in transport and logistics.

Our management and operational team have backgrounds in the logistics sectors.

There are common cultural characteristics of the ACR service. These characteristics include a focus on quality, process, partnerships, and financial and social responsibility. All of this is encompassed in an environment of very high ethical standards and values governing how business is conducted within the supply chain and marketing channels of these industries.

In this regard ACR has developed an organisational culture that supports and aligns itself with the dominant industry culture. ACR’ success in developing its organisational culture is highlighted by its achievements in the markets it services, allowing ACR to fit seamlessly into our customers supply chain without compromising total supply chain efficiency and quality standards.

Distribution channels that we operate include:

  • Manufacturer to Wholesaler
  • Direct to DC
  • Direct to Pharmacy
  • Direct to Supermarket
  • Manufacturer to Supermarket DC
  • Direct to Retail store
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Cross-docking

We believe the reasons that our customers have made ACR a
successful logistics operation are as follows:

  • Focus on Customer Service
  • Neutral player
  • Market Knowledge
  • KPI Culture
  • Unbiased Freight Solutions
  • Low risk implementation
  • Focus on quality
  • Risk Sharing partnership
  • Transparency of costs
  • Culturally compatible with targeted clients
  • KPI Culture